Natural Treat Selection Boxes (Adult Dogs)

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Our natural treat selection boxes can be made to your preferences and budget. Choices of treats include (but not limited to):

Hairy Rabbit Ears

Pig/Buffalo/Cow Ears

Pig Snouts

Venison/Chicken Sausages

Cow Hooves (Hollow/Filled)

Bull Pizzles

Buffalo Horns


Chicken Feet

Chicken Necks

Fish Bites

Sprats (Dried)

Trachea (Hollow/Filled)

Bull Tails

Liver Sticks

Chicken Hearts

Deer Legs

Pigs Trotters

And much more!

These boxes work out excellent value for money when compared to buying the treats separately. Each box has between 1 and 5 FREE treats included depending on the size of the box. For example, the £10 box has 1 free treat, £15 box has 2, £20 has 3 etc.

If you have a preference as to what goes in your box, or if your dog has a dietary requirement, please let me know in the comments box at checkout. I can ensure that the box is made to your specification! If you'd like a full variety of treats then there's no need to leave a comment. 

Boxes are available from £5 - £50. We can do larger boxes on request.