Haylage - Complete 20kg

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Ideal for both horses and ponies in moderate levels of work, Haylage Complete will provide a source of high-quality fibre for performance and breeding stock alike.

The product is ideal for those in work but may also be suited to poorer doers in lower levels of activity or breeding stock with higher nutritional requirements, such as growing youngstock or lactating mares.

Made from a second cut Ryegrass crop and harvested at the peak of its growth, Haylage Complete has a good stem to leaf ratio, ensuring it provides a moderate level of energy (calories) and protein (for muscle development and repair) as well as plenty of fibre to maintain healthy digestive function. 

  • Protein Medium
  • Fibre High
  • Energy Medium


  • Protein 7-9%
  • Dry Matter 65-70%
  • Digestible Energy 8-10 MJ/Kg
  • Crude Fibre 28-30%