Haylage - Low Energy 20kg

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Low Energy is the perfect solution for less active horses (in rest and light work) as well as those who are prone to weight gain, where calories from forage need to be controlled.

As a late second cut mixed species haylage, with a high stem to leaf ratio, Haylage Low Energy is high in fibre but low in energy (calories) and protein, comparable to a typical meadow hay. Subsequently, this can be an excellent choice for better doers that may not tolerate or accept a hay-based forage ration due to palatability or respiratory compromise.

Haylage Low Energy can be fed as the sole forage source or offered in combination with other suitable forages for those on restricted rations to provide enrichment and encourage natural foraging behaviours.

  • Protein Low
  • Fibre High
  • Energy Low


  • Protein 6-9%
  • Dry Matter 70-80%
  • Digestible Energy 6-9 MJ/Kg
  • Crude Fibre 28-30%