Webbox Complete Working Dog

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Webbox Complete for Working Dogs has been specially formulated to contain all the vitamins and nutrients needed to keep your dog in a fit and healthy condition.

Webbox Complete for Working Dogs is a complete pet food, especially formulated for greyhounds, sheepdogs, hunting dogs and all other working dogs.

Cereals. meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, minerals.

Contains EEC permitted colours, preservatives and antioxidants.

Protein: 23% Oil: 9.5% Fibre: 2%
Ash: 9%
Copper (as copper sulphate) 15mg/kg

Vitamin A: 4,000 iu/kg Vitamin D3: 400 iu/kg
Vitamin E: 40 mg/kg

10-20 kg -- 200-425g, 20-45 kg -- 340-425g,
45-75 kg -- 600-1100g

One mugful is approximately 110g of Webbox Complete

The quantites shown should be used as a guide only. Every dog's appetite is different, depending upon size, age, condition and level of activity. Please adjust the amount given to keep your dog in a lean, active condition.